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There’s a lot that can be said about Motown – good and bad. But one thing’s for sure, when times are hard, there’s nothing better than something else that’s hard…and Detroit has plenty of stiff pricks! Truth be told, there’s not a lot of fun things to do in Motown, so swinging is a very popular pastime in the Motor City, as Alanna and Seth Thomas – who spent plenty of years living in and around the Detroit area – can attest.

Alanna and her hubby run this site, filled top to bottom with REAL amateur swingers from around the metro Detroit and Michigan area.
Many of the girls in our site are ex-webgirls and models who got naked and dirty in front of some of Michigan’s top photographers…and many pics are from Alanna’s famous (or is it infamous?) Michigan sex parties!

We’ve hosted and videotaped wild sex parties since 1999 and we pride ourselves on our sites being TRUE AMATEUR - Most of the guys who star in our videos are guys who’ve answered ads to be in my videos or written us asking to attend my parties! Meet us at one of our WILD sex parties, get a HOT private 1-on-1 webcam show from Alanna or just c'mon inside to get to know us much better!

When the sun shines, the boobs come out!
The winters are cold and dark, so when it's summertime in Motown we make EVERY second count! This time we're at a big party across the border in Ontario at a friend's pool and Alanna and her girfriends are ready for some skinny dipping - and when you have this many hot & horny swinger chicks together, something dirty will usually break out!
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Motown Halloween is sexy, not scary
We have a long history of hosting Halloween parties - it's our favorite holiday and we don't need much of an excuse to dress very slutty! This time we're partying at a local hotel and things got a little out of control - I don't think the hotel was expecting so much nudity and nastiness in their conferene room! At least the cute bartender had a lot of fun!
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Dirty Bonnie shares her hubby
Dirty Bonnie is a Motown Swinger we feature a lot - for one, she's hot; for another, she loves to do some REALLY nasty things on camera! This time shes invited some swinger friends over for some fun and when the women saw what Bonnie's hubby was packing, the party was on! And when Motown Swingers party, its an orgy!



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Carmen wants more dick - LOTS more dick!
Carmen is a part-time Motown Swinger - she lives in Brazil, but spends a lot of time in the Detroit area for her hubby's job. Whenever shes in town, she calls us up and asks for a party - and when Carmen (who literally CRAVES cum!) has a party, she wants just as many guys there as we can fit! This time, she was pretty happy - enough hard dicks to play with for hours!
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Getting a Michigan tan!
Thanks to the Great Lakes, Michigan is a cloudy place - which sucks for getting a tan! When you want a whole-body tan, you have to take advantage of every chance you can when the sun peeks out! And if that means doing some flashing - well that's just a turn on! When you're in Motown keep a sharp eye - you never know what you'll see!


Carmen slurps it all!
Carmen is back for another party and once again we found as many guys as we could fit in our hotel room and set them loose on her! As hubby films, she sucks and fucks a half dozen guys and - in true Carmen style - slurps up every last drop of cum! Yeah, shes greedy like that - but can you blame her?
Want free samples of our nasty amateur smut? Check out Alanna's DAILY BLOG - freebies every day!
Shay is way too hot for Motown!
There are plenty of hot women in Motown - don't look so surprised! We might not have as many as say, LA or Arizona, but we have our share of cute chicks - and Shay certainly fits that description! In fact, like far too many really sexy ladies from Detroit, she left the state and headed for warmer weather - definitely our loss!
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Dirty Annie teaches Alanna to squirt
Dirty Annie is another Motown Swinger that we have a LOT of pics & videos of - when we say Annie's always up for some fun, we mean it! This time she's teaching Alanna how to squirt - she makes it look so easy! The lessons stuck, though, 'cause now Alanna can squirt like a fire hydrant! Annie is one swinger we can't wait to play with again!
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Alanna & Julie go back to school!
We were visiting Julie - one of our all-time favorite Michigan swingers - and Julie wanted to go back to her old school and pretend to be a dirty shoolgirl! Alanna - who loves flashing - was up for it, and you can bet these two dirty ladies were just as slutty back in school as they are now!


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